About New York Pizza Dept.

New York taste. Neighborhood flavor.

What does New York-style pizza in Arizona taste like?

Amazing dough made from scratch every day. Hand-tossed pies baked to perfection in classic stone ovens. Sauces made from family recipes, California vine-ripened tomatoes, and secret blends of spices. Whole-milk mozzarella that is made for us exclusively. Plus our secret ingredient – water filtered exactly as it is in New York, which is why bagels and pizza there have such a distinctive East Coast flavor.

This is the sort of East Coast taste and quality you can always expect from NYPD Pizza. Since moving to Arizona from Long Island, NY 25 years ago, our family-owned and -operated business has grown to 8 Valley locations that provide comfortable dine-in, easy carryout and convenient delivery. From calzones to pastas, our menu offers an array of dishes that make the most of simple ingredients. Our dough, sauce and cheese are free of preservatives, chemicals, fillers, artificial color and flavor, modifiers, and stabilizers, which leaves all sorts of room for flavor.

In addition, we’ve gone to great lengths to have delicious New York water flowing straight from the tap, so that our dough is as unmistakable as our accents. It all started with a proprietary Yonkers, NY water filter developed in 1996 for every location. And today, you can taste the difference with every single mouthwatering bite.

What can we say? We’re from New York. We don’t like to sacrifice real flavor. And we’re also incredibly social – so make sure you reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter to hear about all the special events and offers in the works. Check out our press releases or inquire about our Dough Raisers program. And feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions on how to make your dining experience better.

Here’s to New York-style pizza in Phoenix. Here’s to good eating!

Nikki West
Chief Experience Officer, NYPD Pizza