3 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Pizza Boxes

3 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Pizza Boxes

Even the best pizza in Phoenix (pssst, NYPD!) isn’t recyclable. And neither is the box it comes in.

The oils and greases on a pizza box can ruin an entire batch of recycling, which gets expensive quickly—in fact, annual costs associated with such ruined batches reportedly total more than $1 million in the city of Phoenix alone.

So keep your pizza boxes away from that blue bin. Instead, consider recycling used pizza boxes “unofficially,” by trying one of these 3 fun DIY projects! We’ve kept the projects so simple that you won’t even need any tools or materials except the pizza boxes themselves. Take a look!

1. Pizza Box Throw Pillows

Best pizza in Phoenix

Pizza box throw pillows are better than traditional, cushiony throw pillows because with these babies, you’ll never get too comfortable. That sharp pain from resting your head on the corner of the box will always remind you of your true purpose in life: to acquire more NYPD pizza.

2. Pizza Box Welcome Mat



Nobody wants a rectangular welcome mat anymore, and certainly nobody wants a rectangular welcome mat that actually says “Welcome.” Hel-lo, 1970. Why not a welcome mat that says “NYPD Pizza”? It’s brave, daring, even avant-garde.

3. Pizza Box Drain Plug

Best pizza in Phoenix

Sure, this stopper won’t fit quite so perfectly into your sink’s drain as a plastic one from Home Depot might, but where’s the satisfaction in that? Besides, what your drain plug may lack in functionality, it’ll more than make up for in style. You’ll be so excited, you’ll wash your hands all day. Well, when you’re not eating more NYPD Pizza, that is.

Are you ready to decorate your home with these 3 easy projects? You’d better arm yourself with a stack of NYPD Pizza boxes, huh? Drop by any one of our many locations or give us a call for delivery today for a taste of the very best pizza in Phoenix, AZ. And some of the most attractive boxes, to boot.