Give a Pizza Your Heart

Give a Pizza Your Heart

best pizza in Phoenix AZ

The holidays are a time for family, loved ones, and the best pizza in Phoenix AZ. Why pizza, you ask? Well, it just might be the love of your life, and here’s why.

You can’t get enough of it

Pizza is the one food that is universally loved. People all over the world eat it, making it maybe the only thing that every nation can agree on. There’s even evidence to show that the caseins (a protein in cheese) found in pizza are addictive. And in the immortal words of Mae West, “too much of a good thing can be wonderful”.

It’s always there for you

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food. It always has time for you and comes whenever you call. Pizza doesn’t judge you or care about your mistakes, it just gives you joy and happiness. It makes us happy when we’re sad, and it picks us up when we’re down: we crave pizza when we’re tired because its calorific deliciousness gives us an energy boost. That’s science.

It’s been a part of your life since childhood

You and pizza share a beautiful relationship that has lasted a lifetime. It brought you and your friends together in elementary school and it stayed by your side during your awkward adolescent years. Your teenage years can be a rough time, and studies show that teenagers eat more pizza than any other age group. Pizza got you through high school lunch period and late-night college study sessions, and still is by your side today.

You’ll never get tired of pizza

Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Meat Lover’s, Pesto, Margherita, Buffalo Chicken. Pizza is exactly what you want it to be, whenever you want. It’s saucy. It can be spicy. It comes in all shapes and sizes. The best pizza in Phoenix AZ can be gluten free or vegan. Whatever you need, pizza has you covered.

It’s been with you through thick and thin

Some days you’re craving a thick, doughy pie smothered in sauce and piled with cheese. Other days you want a thin crust with fresh tomatoes and creamy mozzarella. Either way, pizza is there for you.

It’s Patriotic

Pizza became popular US when soldiers returned home from WWII in Italy after having eaten it there while kicking some fascist ass. Yes, technically pizza originated in Europe, but Americans made it our own, and made it popular all around the world. On any given day, 13% of Americans eat a slice of pizza. It’s so important to us, the US Department of Agriculture compiled a report detailing American’s consumption of pizza. Pizza has become an American tradition, so celebrate this great nation with the best pizza in Phoenix AZ today.

The holiday season can be stressful whether you’re single or spoken for, but just remember that you can always depend on pizza to get you through the tough times. It’s true that money can’t buy you love, but it can buy pizza – which is basically the same thing. So give a pizza your heart this holiday season and stop by NYPD for the best pizza in Phoenix AZ, or get a gift card and share the love with your friends and family.