How to Celebrate National Pizza Month

How to Celebrate National Pizza Month

tempe az pizza

Photo credit: Marco Trezza

Hey, you there! Stop chewing your delicious Tempe AZ pizza for one moment—yeah, we said it—and listen up! Did you know that next month is officially National Pizza Month? We’re not making this up: Americans nationwide have been celebrating National Pizza Month, a.k.a. The Only Month That Matters, each October since 1987. Where’ve you been, right?

The month was originally inaugurated by Gerry Durnell, the founder of Pizza Today magazine, and a total pizza celebrity in his day. This year, thanks to Gerry, you’re going to celebrate October like you never have before. Why are we posting about this in September? Because you’ll need time to prepare. You’re going to really think outside the pizza box on this one.

Starting October 1, here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Visit NYPD Every Day
Yes, even weekends. We don’t care if your family reunion is already scheduled for October—grandma will understand. Especially if you send her a Tempe AZ pizza of her own. Can we recommend the Brooklyn family style?

2. Eat Every Meal At NYPD
Now that we’re serving breakfast, you have no excuse. What’s that? You’re sick of pizza? Yeah, right. We’ve even got you covered for dessert, with our new zeppoli sundae. It’s a zeppoli with a cherry on top, come on.

3. Visit NYPD Multiple Times Every Day
Okay, this is a revision to #1: you really ought to be visiting NYPD more than once per day. Once per day would be understandable if it were, like, national broccoli month, and we were a broccoli restaurant. But this is pizza we’re talking about! You’ll want to make multiple daily visits.

4. Live At NYPD
This is just the logical next step, right? We’re expecting to host a sort of live-in pizza-Woodstock this October. No tents, please.

And that just about covers it: you’re gonna be set for National Pizza Month. All that’s left to do is build up your pizza tolerance. We can help. Remember, our Tempe AZ pizzas are made with authentic New York water, for that Brooklyn flavor all the way out here in the desert!