My New Year’s Resolution: More Margheritas!

My New Year’s Resolution: More Margheritas!

Your favorite Phoenix Pizza restaurant is making a resolution we might actually stick to this year, and that’s to eat more pizza. We know, that this is an unusual (and honestly groundbreaking) idea for a resolution, but we have good reason for it. Keep reading to find out why we want to eat more margheritas.

1 – They give you strength

The delicious, creamy mozzarella found on the margherita pizza is chock full of calcium, other vitamins, and protein. Calcium has proven benefits for the body, keeping bones healthy and even helping to prevent cancer. Protein is also an essential part of your diet and is needed for muscle growth and repair. So next time don’t feel guilty when indulging in extra cheese!

2 – They fight cancer

A series of Italian studies showed that regular pizza eaters had lower rates of cancer than non-regular pizza eaters. Why? Lycopene, an antioxidant that comes from tomatoes, has a ton of health benefits, including fighting tumors and decreasing the likelihood of many different types of cancer. If you think you should just eat tomatoes and not pizza, think again – lycopene is more easily absorbed by the body when processed (like in tomato sauce on pizza) as well as when it is eaten with some oil. So basically a cheese pizza is the perfect food for optimum lycopene consumption.

3 – Healing properties

The margheritas at our Phoenix pizza restaurant are made with basil, which is an herb used in traditional medicine that has been show to help prevent arthritis and have anti-aging properties.

4 – You should eat your vegetables

The USDA considers pizza a vegetable – according to its guidelines, the tomato paste on the pizzas served in school lunches counts as a serving of vegetables. If that explanation is good enough for the US government, it’s good enough for us. So next time someone tells you to eat more veggies, just grab a slice because it’s basically the same thing.

5 – You’ll save money

Wait, you can save money by eating more pizza?! Statistics have shown that ordering a bigger pizza is almost always cheaper – because it’s a circle, its size increases exponentially, but the price from a small to a medium to a large is usually only slightly different. For example, one large 16 inch pizza has the same surface area as 4 small 8 inch pizzas. Price per square inch of pizza decreases dramatically as size increases, so you should almost always go for the bigger one. That’s science.

6 – It’ll make you happy

Happiness is linked to longevity as well as improved overall health – not to mention stress is very harmful for your body. Biting into a hot, cheesy slice of margherita pizza is guaranteed to increase your happiness and decrease stress instantly, and we think that’s a great reason to eat more of it.

With a New Year’s resolution as great as this one, 2015 is proving to be an amazing year for your favorite Phoenix Pizza Restaurant, and we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to achieve our goal of eating more margheritas. For a slice of the best pizza in town, head over to NYPD – and if you want more fun facts and news about pizza, follow our blog!