Pie Love New York, Pt. 1: The Water

Pie Love New York, Pt. 1: The Water

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Not everyone trusts us, you know. Sure, everybody who eats at our restaurant agrees that we serve the best pizza in Arizona, but there are those occasional patrons who wonder aloud, licking their fingers and patting their sated bellies, whether it was really the water that made it so good.

You’d better believe it, pal.

New York City’s tap water is pretty much a magical elixir, and its inclusion in our dough recipe is what’s catapulted our pies to the tops of more ‘Best of Phoenix’ lists than you even knew existed. Having trouble believing that the origin of the tap water actually matters? You’re not alone—the Food Network didn’t believe it either. So they put the idea to the test.

A few years ago, Chef John, from the Food Network Show ‘Food Detectives,’ ran the following experiment: he made three pizzas that were identical in every way, except that he used tap water from a different city to make the dough for each one. There was a pizza made with Chicago water, another made with Los Angeles water, and a final one made with New York water.

Chef John then invited three New York pizza experts—Mario Cantone, Joe Ciolli, and Tony Muia—to help him conduct a blind taste test. You can check out the results for yourself, in the video embedded below:


Clearly, we’re not the only ones who know that New York water makes great pizza dough. If you want to experience the difference firsthand—well, you know which local pizza joint uses New York water, don’t you? That’s why ours is the best pizza in Arizona. Head on down to NYPD today.