Pizza Pairings: Beer Versus Wine – Best Pizza in AZ

Pizza Pairings: Beer Versus Wine – Best Pizza in AZ

best pizza in AZbest pizza in AZ

Even the best pizza in Arizona will make you thirsty. So the question is: which beverage will you choose to quench that thirst? A cold beer or a glass of wine? And does anyone even care what you’re drinking when NYPD pizza is so friggin delicious anyway?

Today, we answer these questions. Here are the pros and cons of beer and wine, respectively, as pizza pairings.

Pizza and Beer
Pros: It’s pizza and beer! This combo is casual, friendly. Unintimidating yet unintimidated. It’s the choice of people who have a sense of humor. Plus, it’s versatile: you can pair beer with any kind of pizza, from pepperoni to caprese, and it’ll always be a match.

Cons: It’s pizza and beer. Think unsophisticated. Think playing-video-games-in-your-parents’-basement unsophisticated. Grow up, get a haircut, and try a real drink. But hey, we saw that NYPD box—nice taste in pizza!

Pizza and Wine
Pros: Pizza with wine is classy. One gets the sense that this is what people do in Paris or Rome. Why one gets this sense, we don’t know. There’s just something romantic and European about pizza with wine. Even when your pizza has ‘New York’ in its name. Go figure.

Cons: Is there anything more pretentious than wine with your pizza? It’s like caviar on a cheeseburger. How do you expect to act like that and still have friends? Don’t think people will like you just because you’re eating the best pizza in Arizona.

Have an opinion about beer versus wine to complement pizza? Hit us up on Facebook and let us know! Of course, the real problem with this whole debate is that we’re having it instead of eating NYPD, the best pizza in AZ. Live nearby? We can fix that.


Photo credits: Joe Shlabotnik and The Phoenix Ale Brewery