How to Throw a Pizza Party

How to Throw a Pizza Party

AZ pizza restaurant

Every AZ pizza restaurant knows this saying: there’s no party like a pizza party. You don’t need an occasion. You’re young and wild and it’s Friday night—so stay in and let the pizza come to you. This 5-step guide to pizza partying will make sure this one is a night you remember for the rest of your life.

1. Order a pizza

This step is crucial. You’re free to place an order from any AZ pizza restaurant, but remember that New York pizza is the only true pizza, and only NYPD serves authentic New York pizza. But really, go ahead—order from some other AZ pizza restaurant. We don’t care; it’s just that your guests might.

2. Invite some friends

You have friends, don’t you? Well, get them over to your place! It’s pizza night! Acceptable modes of invitation include a phone call, an email, a Facebook invite, or a Snapchat of a pizza captioned ‘$$$ come n get it’

3. Choose a movie

Obviously you’ve got to watch a movie on pizza night. The ideal film for this kind of event is any horror movie that cost even less to make than your pizza did. Examples include ‘Thankskilling’ and ‘666: The Demon Child.’ You and your buddies will enjoy that pizza so much more while watching one of these classic films.

4. Choose a board game

This is an optional substitute for a horror movie, if you’ve got a weak stomach. Or, for the totally stimulation-starved out there, a board game can be a way to keep things going post-movie. ‘Cards Against Humanity’ has been a popular choice lately: think ‘Apples to Apples’ but way more offensive.

5. Clean up, after

Please don’t leave empty pizza boxes all over your house, after your friends leave; it’s unseemly. Do the dishes and vacuum up those crumbs. We’ve got lots of ideas for how to recycle those old pizza boxes—if you’re stuck, see our blog.

Is it party time yet? Give us a call and we’ll get to work on your New York style pie right away. Don’t forget to check out our menu before you order, because we’re always rotating our seasonal favorites!