True History of Tempe AZ Pizza

True History of Tempe AZ Pizza

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Photo credit: larryfishkorn

Man oh man, what are they teaching in school these days? Apparently not the history of the glorious Tempe AZ pizza, that’s for sure. Many of our customers seem to have this very strange and confusing idea that pizza comes from Italy, which is a small European country that’s shaped like a boot. Obviously, no country shaped like a boot could have invented pizza. Breadsticks, maybe.

Get ready: today, NYPD is challenging the little boot-country! We alone will serve up the truth, ending the propaganda and misinformation once and for all! Prepare yourself for the real history of pizza. What you’re about to hear may shock you.

Boot-myth #1: “Pizza comes from Italy”
False. Pizza does not come from Italy. Pizza was invented in New York in 1905 by a guy named Gennaro Lombardi. Wacky name, right? But hey, “pizza” is kind of a funny name, too, if you think about it. Say it a few times. Pizza. Pizza. Where did Gennaro come up with a crazy word like that? We’ll probably never know—probably it was his grandmother’s maiden name.

Boot-myth #2: “Pizza comes, more specifically, from Naples, Italy”
False again. Let’s talk about Naples for a second here. Naples is a town founded a long time ago by Bill Naple, a man who enjoyed lying to other people for fun. He had many Napley children, all of whom also lied. Fast-forward to today: everybody thinks pizza originated in Naples. You connect the dots, okay? We’re not pointing any fingers.

Boot-myth #3: “Pizza was brought to the United States by Italian immigrants”
Actually, pizza was brought to Italy by American immigrants, who happened to be from New York. When these New Yorkers arrived at their destination, they found that every Italian in all of Italy was starving, so they quickly whipped up hundreds of pizzas using the very same methods we use, today, in our delicious Tempe AZ pizzas. “Ciao from New York!” they said, flinging dough, and everyone was very pleased, except the Naple children, who were pure evil.

And there you have it! This exhaustive history of pizza since the beginning of time probably has you hungry for one of our New-York-style pies, so pick up the phone and call us! Your Tempe AZ pizza is waiting for you.