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Chicago ‘pizza’? Yeah, right—that’s a casserole!

There’s no such thing as ‘Chicago pizza.’ It’s an oxymoron. We’re serious —would your favorite AZ pizza restaurant lie to you?

The dry, slow-to-cook monstrosities that pass for pizzas in the Windy City are really more like casseroles. Super lame casseroles. Here, let us prove it to you. We can easily list three reasons New York pizza is a heckuva lot better than the swill they serve in Chicago.

1. Deep-dish pizzas are deeply depressing

The first disappointment you’ll face at any pizza joint in Chicago comes right after the waiter takes your order. He’ll linger for a moment, like he’s not sure how to break the bad news. Then, he’ll inform you that your pizza will take around 45 minutes to an hour to cook—is that all right? No, you lousy Chi-town charlatan, that is not all right! Stop cooking your pizzas in loaf pans, so we can eat them before we croak!

2. Chi-town? More like ‘dry-town’

The second disappointment will be the pizza itself. Because deep-dish Chicago-style pizzas are cooked for so long, their crusts tend to be crunchy and dry. Um, excuse us, Chicago? We didn’t come here for a giant tortilla chip.

3. Eating pizza with a fork is doing it wrong

The whole pizza scene in Chicago is a world of sit-down dining, of cloth napkins, of knives and forks. It’s weird. Real pizza (i.e., New York pizza) is foldable, able to be eaten on-the-go. At the very least, you can pick it up with your hands.

No doubt, this head-to-head comparison has got you slavering for some genuine New York pizza. Hey, us too! Why not head down to NYPD Pizza for dinner tonight? We’re the only AZ pizza restaurant that imports New York tap water to make our pizza dough—the truth is, only New York water makes New York pizza. Come get yours today!

Poll: How Do You Season Your Slice?

phoenix pizza

Ladies and gentlemen, please brace yourselves: you’re about to become a part of AZ pizza history. That’s right, NYPD lovers, lay down your garlic knots, set aside your cold, draft beer, and pull away from that pizza (on second thought, why not multitask?) for today we invite you to become a part of NYPD polling fame.

The question of the day? How do you season your slice?

We know, we know: between the garlic-y goodness of the Veganizza, the mouthwatering mozzarella of the Margherita, and the perfect pepperoni of the…well, the pepperoni, answering that question is no easy task. After all, with flavors like these, who even needs extra seasoning?!

Alas, we know that sometimes there can be nothing better than a perfectly placed sprinkle of parmesan or a zesty, zesty bite of crushed red pepper. But because, here at NYPD, our New York style connoisseurs (from our hostesses to our chefs to our AZ pizza delivery pros) simply couldn’t come to a consensus, we’re leaving the vote up to our very favorite people: you.

How Do You Season Your Slice?

  1. Perfect parmesan
  2. Crazy-delicious crushed red pepper
  3. Out-of-this-world oregano
  4. Other _____________

If its 1, 2, or 3, let us know in the comments section below and we’ll tally up your votes and let you know which incredible seasoning takes home the official AZ pizza prize! If its number 4, then still comment below but also let us know which delectable seasoning it is, because, well, you can bet we’re trying it immediately.

Happy voting!

Pizza for Breakfast? Mornin’ Sunshine!

Here at NYPD – your favorite AZ pizza restaurant – we know firsthand that there is nothing stronger than the siren song of a cheesy, savory, incredible pizza pie.

Well, except for the siren song of a cheesy, savory, incredible pizza pie in the morning.

Yes, NYPD fans, we’re admitting it: we love our pies for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. For those of you who also love an early morning slice, you know exactly what we mean. Maybe you heat it up in the oven, maybe you get that extra crisp on the stove, or maybe you love it straight from the fridge and eat your favorite pie cold.

But for those of you who haven’t yet fallen in love with pizza for breakfast (don’t worry; you’ll come around), we’ve come up with a few reasons why you should open up your heart (and your fridge) to those delectable A.M. slices:

  • It’s convenient: You wake up, you hit the alarm, you shower, dress, grab your bag and end up in the kitchen with an empty stomach and only 5 minutes to go. Option #1? Your growling stomach becomes the background music for your 8:00 meeting. Option #2? You grab a slice of your favorite pie to go, starting your day off right (and probably even nailing that promotion you’ve had your eye on for months).
  • You’ll reduce waste: So you had AZ pizza delivery the night before but even though you had your favorite, you still had a few slices left over. Option #1? You toss them (the horror)! Option #2? You wake up, heat those slices up, and enjoy NYPD the sequel.
  • It’s delicious – what can we say?: Sorry, waffles and pancakes; simply nothing can compete with the baked deliciousness of an NYPD pizza pie. The Buffalo Chicken? The Veganizza? The Pizza Blanca, the Mott Street Meat Lover, Vinny’s Favorite and Da Works? Even in the A.M., you’re mouth will thank you for skipping the too-plain eggs and diving right into fresh flavor!

So there you have it, pizza lovers, just three (of the many) reasons you should replace your regular breakfast routine with one that’s packed with red sauce, spice, and everything nice!

Craving some early AZ pizza delivery now? We’ll see you at 10:30!

Wine Pairings For Your Favorite AZ Pizza Slice

Wine Pairings for your Favorite AZ Pizza Slice

Madames and monsieurs, greetings from your local AZ pizza sommelier! Here at NYPD, we believe that there is nothing better with your delicious pizza pie than a perfectly paired ice-cold glass of one-of-a-kind craft beer…well, except for maybe a satisfying glass of perfectly paired wine, that is.

But while we know that our AZ pizza can go well with just about anything, we’re often asked the question: which wine pairs well with which pie?

Well pizza lovers, ponder no longer! Grab a seat, grab a menu, and get ready to relax with these expertly matched wine pairings for your favorite AZ pizza slice Continue reading

Pizza Near and Far – AZ Pizza

Pizza Near and Far: How Chefs Make Pizza All Over the World

Wonderful pizza enthusiasts, as you know, here at NYPD, we work hard to stay on top of all the hot new AZ pizza trends. Mouthwatering boneless wings? We’ve got ‘em. Brand new Roasted Caprese Pizzas? We’ve got em’ too. Fresh lobster tail pizza?

Well, okay, we haven’t quite done that one yet.

But NYPD fans, one thing you may not know about us is that we don’t just keep up with the ins and outs of AZ pizza…we like to learn a little every now and then about the way pizza is made all over the world! Though we’d love to take you on a trip through pizza trends from A to Z (or, should we say, Z to A), we’ve picked just three of our favorites to give you a taste of international pies you won’t forget! Continue reading

Life on Top: The Secret Life of Pepperoni

Pizza connoisseurs from far and wide, today, we at NYPD (otherwise known as the creators of the best pizza in Arizona) will be taking you to a world in which we’re sure you’ve never gone before. Today, we’ll push past the cheesy curtains, delve deep into the deep dish, and sink our teeth into some serious sauce. Today, we’ll lead you through a thrilling day in the life of one of pizza’s most prized toppings.

We begin in the early hours of the morning. Outside our delicious-smelling headquarters, the desert sun slowly rises, the cactus flowers open to full bloom, and the temperature begins to climb. But our story begins inside, in the NYPD kitchen where our chefs start with the very best quality meat. Here at NYPD, we use simple ingredients, always free of chemicals, preservatives, and artificial colors, and our pepperoni is no exception. Continue reading

Cheer for Beer! Game Day Specials

Here at NYPD, your favorite Arizona pizza restaurant, we know that few days are as important as Game Day.

From donning your team’s colors to inviting the whole gang over, when it comes to the Game Day routine, there’s no room for error. And though no Game Day would be complete without face paint, chest bumping, and fist pumping, there is one thing no true fan can cheer without: yes, we’re talking beer Continue reading

Give the Gift of Gorge!

Pizza fanatics, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, the temperature is dropping. Yes, the classic movies are playing. But were talking the best pizza in Arizona here – and it’s about to get better!

Instead of getting dad his annual tie, instead of getting mom those slippers you saw in the window, why not just give them what they really want? This season, give the gift of gorge! Continue reading

NYPD Pizza Announces Dec. 10 Grand Opening “Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony”

NYPD Pizza, a locally owned and operated family pizza kitchen with ten locations throughout metro-Phoenix, is celebrating its newly renovated Camelback & 20th Street location in Phoenix with a community Grand Opening event on Tues., Dec. 10. To kick off the day, a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at 10:30 a.m. will feature NYPD Pizza CEO Rich Stark and his guests of honor…Learn More

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