Dough Raisers FAQ

What groups are eligible to participate in a Dough Raiser?

Churches, schools, athletic teams, club sports teams, non-profit organizations, PTO’s, etc.

How does it work?

Your organization picks a date Monday-Wednesday and an NYPD Pizza location. We supply your organization with flyers to pass out to friends and family, encouraging them to visit our Phoenix Italian restaurant the day you plan to raise dough. Anyone who visits the specified location on the selected date and presents the flyer will generate a donation equal to 20% of their purchase (excluding any alcohol and not in combination with any coupons). The more guests that come in with your flyer for that day, the more money that goes to your organization.

How do the participating organizations receive their donations?

A check for the total Dough Raiser proceeds will be mailed to the provided address within three weeks following the event.

Why does NYPD Pizza offer Dough Raisers?

One of NYPD Pizza’s core values is giving back to the community. We are honored to be able to help so many worthy local organizations through the Dough Raisers program.

What days and time can we host a Dough Raiser at NYPD?

Monday-Wednesday evenings at any of our Greater Phoenix Italian restaurants, except the Sky Harbor locations.

How many days before the event do we need to register our group?

Most groups confirm date availability 30 days prior. That allows adequate time to adjust calendars when necessary as well as to mobilize your supporters.

Can we host an event at multiple locations on the same day?

Yes, depending on the non-profit’s presence in the Valley.