NYPD Pizza in Sky Harbor, Terminal 2

Driving Directions To:

Sky Harbor Airport | Terminal 4

3400 Sky Harbor Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ 85034




Sky Harbor Phoenix Pizza

Amidst a bustling, rustling terminal crowded with travelers from all walks of life, one characteristic is common amongst the masses: a frenzied look in the eyes. Parents balance backpacks and strollers as they herd a toddler who’s just learned to run; professionals gripe into their cell phones as they powerwalk toward a connecting flight.

If you’re one of those hurried passengers, don’t worry – we’ll have your carryout Phoenix pizza ready in no time.

But what if you want to sit and stay awhile? Where can a traveler or family sit down and enjoy a meal amidst this chaos? If you’re in Terminal 2 – it’s easy! Head over to NYPD Pizza for a slice of Phoenix pizza to ease the pain of travelling and make your taste buds (and even your teenagers) smile. What better way to kill an hour before takeoff than with an NYPD Uptown Amber Ale™?

Wherever you’re going, travelling is better with NYPD Pizza!