Tommy Tomato

Welcome to the homepage of Tommy Tomato – the sweetest vegetable in Phoenix!

Technically, his full name is Solanum Lycopersicum, but you can just call him Tommy. Or to-mAY-to (he’ll also accept to-mAH-to).

Since so many of you wanted to know more about Tommy, he thought he’d share his story on the web. He can’t blame you for being curious! As the inventor of Phoenix kids-eat-free Wednesdays and Sundays at NYPD Pizza, he’s a very popular food.

Tommy grew up in the sun-drenched fields of Central California and broke off the vine to attend school in Arizona back in 1996 — coincidentally the same year as when NYPD Pizza opened its first Family Kitchen.

Since then, Tommy has dedicated his entire ripe life to serving as NYPD Pizza’s ambassador. His favorite NYPD Pizza meal is a small Chelsea chopped salad and a slice of Brooklyn Family. (He is partial to the Cheesecake, too.)

Tommy believes NYPD Pizza’s guests are entitled to enjoy the freshest of ingredients, recipes handed down by generations, and the friendliest of service.  Tommy also believes that when kids eat free in Phoenix, the whole family wins!

He and his wife Patty the Pepperoni live in the east valley and will soon be starting a vegetable garden. To keep in touch with Tommy around the clock, follow NYPD Pizza on Facebook and Twitter!